Lloyd norbit

Lloyd is a character in Norbit. He is Mrs. Coleman's pet pug.

He is voiced by the late Charlie Murphy.


Lloyd is always the one for Norbit to talk to about Rasputia. She had even threatened to kill Lloyd by claiming she would pop pellets in his rump.

He was hit by Rasputia in her car because he was "eyeballing" her, forcing him to be sent to the hospital.

After the incident, Lloyd can no longer walk, raise his leg, or hump as he claims when he talks to Norbit while he was thrown out of the window and tells Norbit to take her out. As well, he is forced to temporarily use a wheelchair.

Following Rasputia's defeat, Lloyd is seen chasing after her, barking.


Not much is known about Lloyd's personality other than he is an innocent, curious dog. He always goes to Norbit for help and to talk to him, having great trust in him as a friend.

However, he can also be a bit foul-mouthed as he referred to Rasputia as a "bitch."


  • In the film's end credits, he is credited as Floyd the Dog.
  • It is unknown what happened to Lloyd afterwards, though it can be assumed that his leg injuries had healed overtime and returning his ability to walk.
  • In a deleted scene from Norbit, Lloyd is seen chasing a harpooned Rasputia all the way to Boiling Springs, Tennessee.
  • If there is a sequel to Norbit, it is possible that Eddie Murphy could become the new voice of Lloyd, following Charlie Murphy's death.